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1000 new or increased supporters

Boost Our Journalism! 

Funding more in-depth investigative work.

Our flagship show is more ambitious than ever, and our news org is expanding. Analysis and opinion are great, but with this top-up, we will increasingly bring you original reporting on stories you won’t hear anywhere else. 

You’ve already heard some of these stories, such as our enterprise investigations into the WE Organization. 

Or Karl Dockstader and Sean Vanderkliss of One Dish, One Mic reporting from 1492 Land Back Lane, well ahead of most big news sources. 

Or Grace Lisa Scott in Edmonton, reporting on Alberta Bill One, a new law that makes protesting illegal. 

Or Suresh Doss, going deep into the economics of the underground food industry. 

We want to be able to bring you more reports like this each month, and give our contributors ongoing contracts with stable income stability. We want to support our core team so they can focus on the toughest parts of their jobs. We want to expand the number of new contributors and provide them with the resources to stay longer and dig deeper. 

A tiny team can do big things.You’ve seen us do it.  But to stay healthy and sustainable, we need more resources. 

Another 250 new/upgrading supporters

French Media Beat

We admit it. We are Ontario-centric. 
We want to shatter the two solitudes and bring you an ongoing, inside look into French language media in Canada – as reported by bilingual reporters who know it best.   

Another 250 new/upgrading supporters

Indigenous Beat

Canadaland establishes a permanent Indigenous beat and makes an ongoing commitment to present Indigenous stories, as told by the people who live them. 

Another 250 new/upgrading supporters

B.C. Beat

Starting to get the idea? We want you to make us a truly national news network. 

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